The Spirit of Modern Ruth: Who We Are?

Modern Ruth is an ode to the exceptional Ruth from the Bible. She was courageous yet kind, bold yet elegant, and a complete woman unto herself. She sought God and new beginnings. She was after God’s heart and found the best version of herself on her own, well before she married Boaz.

In fact, marriage was just one of the many milestones in her life. While most may just know her as the wife of Boaz, she was way more than that.

Modern Ruth brings the spirit of Ruth alive in their modern creations. It is one of simplicity, fortitude, and conviction.

Pick from our collection and you will observe femininity that is vibrant, sexy, and modest at the same time. No matter what you choose, you will be able to recognize the thoughtful creative skills, and the lively spirit of the people at Modern Ruth.

It is magnificence selected by one Modern Ruth for another.

What Do We Offer?

Fashion is an integral part of every woman’s personality. It is a unique expression of every woman.  We want women to see the divinity in their being and realize the absolutely stunning souls that they are. Our collection are all about bringing the best out in women and celebrating them every single day.

She is undoubtedly a trendsetter.