Modern Ruth: My American Dream

From his favorite s#%tholes to the amazing souls behind his imaginary wall, I am everything that Donald Trump hates. As a Haitian Dominicana, as an African-Latino, as an immigrant, as an American and most importantly, as a human being, I have just one thing to say – You can hate me, but you cannot stop me!

Feisty right? I got it from my momma. Like every immigrant who has ever set foot on the shores of this great country, my mother too came to the US starry eyed and with a dream to create a brighter and better future. To this day, I don’t know where a 15-year child got the strength to take such a step. But, she did it because she wanted a better life, not only for herself, but also for her family. I am proud to say that she totally succeeded in doing that.

Now, it’s my turn to do the same!

It would be unfair to follow up her incredible story with an ‘average’ one. But, this dream was not going to come true within the confines of an office. So, finally I allowed myself to trust God and opened my own company. To be honest, God left me no choice and pushed me out of my comfort zone.

He continues to reveal to me that I’m good enough to run a business. Reminds me of my favorite quote, “God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called”.

Giving me a better life was my mother’s American dream and Modern Ruth is mine. And a million Trumps cannot stop me from living it.

A New Journey

In order to forge my own success story, I had to put my heart and soul into whatever I did.I owe it to my mom. She washed clothes, scrubbed dishes and lived like a modern slave back in slums of La Romana hoping to “get out” that sunken place.

At the age of 15, she ran away…ghosted. Brave right? Not because she wasn’t scared but because she went on so strongly despite the fear. Like my mother I felt the fear too, but I did it anyways.

For the love of God, fashion, all things girly and of course my mother, I had to follow my heart. I know, I know! I promise no more clichés.

Living the Dream

Modern Ruth is much more than just an online fashion store. It is my expression of my femininity. It is my love towards the Lord. It is my expression of strength. And it is my expression of my freedom.

As a child of an immigrant family, I understand what it is like to be uprooted and planted in a new soil. I know how to evolve and I am brave enough to tell the world who I am. I understand that being in this soil is a privilege that my mother granted me and I am honoring it by creating something beautiful and valuable, that is profitable and that generates jobs with a purpose.

What does a Modern Ruth woman look like? She is elegant and beautiful in her own way. She embraces her flaws and appreciates her scars. She cultivates a spiritual side and has a divinity in her being. She knows how to bloom in her own space and create a world where she can love and be loved by others. She knows how to take risks and own her choices like a boss.

My Inspiration

Often, when I speak to my customers, they find it interesting that I chose Bible’s Ruth as an inspiration for my company name. For me, it was rather obvious. Like me, Ruth was an immigrant. But more than that, she risked leaving her family and her comfort zone behind because she knew that on this journey to find God, she would find a new version of herself. Ruth was a remarkable woman.

Contrary to popular beliefs, Ruth pursuit was not for a man. Instead, Ruth obedience to God led her to a great husband. Of course, marriage is an ideal situation but so is being single.

And since we’re on that note…listen to me Queens – you are not incomplete without a man. Period.

That’s what I see in Ruth and that’s exactly what I identify myself with.

The Road Ahead

Modern Ruth is a lot of things.

It is a girl’s dedication towards her God.

It’s a woman dressed how she wants to be addressed.

It is an immigrant’s starry eyed dreams coming to life.

It is a mother’s blessing to her daughter.

It is a woman’s expression of her femininity.

For me, all of you sexy, confident, and lovely ladies, YOU are my Modern Ruths.


Gisele Marcelin

President and CEO


  • Elizabeth Gonzalez

    Inspiring! You have definitely already made your momma proud! Your spunk, your uplifting and motivational Spirit, your kindness and drive in Christ, will bring Modern Ruth into victorious era ahead! Pa’Lante Giselita orgullosa de voz!

  • Kiah Boss

    I love your vision and I pray your continued success !

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