What would you do if I told you that there’s a free gift that’s available to you- one that will top any and every gift you’ve ever received in your life? What if I also told you that because this gift is so extraordinary, you’ll never be the same again?

Fair warning, this gift can never be bought and never will you see it up for sale. Have any idea as to what it could be?

It’s Grace.

Grace is the undeserved love God gives to us and the undeserved love we give to others. The gift of Grace holds immense weight and once the reality of this free and undeserved love changes your life, it’ll begin to beautifully infect the lives of others around you.

Grace is contagious.

Just as God freely gives us this gift, without restrictions and without conditions on His love, you will find that sharing this gift with others means giving without expecting something in return or giving when your flesh desires to withhold it.

It takes a heart that is postured in humility to be able to fully share this gift with others. I’m sure it’s all happened to us before… when we know deep down in our hearts that we should be operating in Grace on someone’s behalf, but we really don’t want to and then we turn around and wait for something in return.

Let’s just be honest, we’re all human! We’re not going to always get it right, but God will and that is the best teacher we could ever have.

Grace is the dimension of divine activity that enables God to confront human indifference and rebellion with an inexhaustible capacity to forgive and to bless!

Maybe you’re just waking up and reading this or maybe you’re about to go to bed, either way, you can start or end your day knowing that there is an incredible gift that can be unwrapped and
spread every single day.

The gift of Grace is contagious!

So, what will you do with your gift?

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  • Amber Wade

    Very well said. I’m just discovering your site although I’ve seen your fb post. Very proud of what you are doing. I will be making a purchase and sharing. Be Blessed my Friend.

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