Go. Do It Now!....Kyrzayda Rodriguez

Right up until her very last breath on this earth, Kyrzayda Rodriguez carried out her purpose to inspire and bring a beaming light of positivity to the lives of others all around the world. She was an influencer, style guru, fighter and the true embodiment of what it means to be a Modern Ruth.

Kyrzayda began her journey as a blogger in 2013 with a passion for style and creating beautiful content. With the support of her followers her platform grew and she was able to quit her job in 2016; turning her passion for blogging, style and being an inspiration to others her full time job. With one look at her Instagram page or her website, you could see that she was undoubtedly putting her all into what she loved doing.

Her vibrant spirit and undeniable beauty coupled well with her bold looks that she effortlessly served to all.

Even after her diagnosis, her top priority was still to help those around her. Although she briefly thought about throwing in the towel, she knew she couldn’t. In a blog post from August she says, “That is why if you’re dealing with anything in life, giving up simply because you think you have to should not be an excuse to stop doing what you love.”

She learned the difference between life and living life.

Her faith in God rang louder than the eye catching colors in her ensembles. She gave thanks to God continuously, still grateful for each day that she got to touch the lives of those that followed her. Her cancer was no match for the strong, purpose driven woman that God made her to be.

“Turning 40 is not what I celebrate today but still being alive after I was told I only had six months to live.”

In an interview with Refinery 29 she was asked: what advice would you give to someone going through a life battle or illness and feel like they “have” to give up on their passions?

Kyrzayda’s response: That is not an option… Once you let go of dreams, you let go of who you are… My platform is serving as a vehicle to deliver inspiration to people all over the world, and to me, that is something that money can’t buy. 

A woman that embodies the very essence of Modern Ruth is one that exudes confidence, boldness and a desire to live out a life running after a purpose that is much bigger than her. Kyrzayda’s legacy will live on to inspire people forever and as we continue on this journey we can’t wait to highlight more and more women who are living their lives like Kyrzayda… the life of a Modern Ruth.

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